Day 10 – Trip Trap

India is like an ice-cream: overtime you carve a piece out with you spoon, immediately it melts and the sign is lost in the flow….



day10a day10c



From the 16th to the 18th of January the entire Tamil Nadul is celebrating the Thai Pongal. This is the Tamil Havest festival, and it’s celebrated with music, mandalas and special food.

We took the chance to travel a bit around, in Tamil Nadu and souther, towards Kochi, Allepey, Kerala and Munnar…

Sleep bus, ricsaw and boat…We have seen a wonderful sunset in Allepey channels, all in the boat. In the middle of the palms. We fell into the chinese net!!


In Fort Kochi we bumped into a very interesting Art Gallery called “Spice Fort”:  here the work of of Daniel Connel really surprised us… His installations –  especially the ones where he transforms old-fashioned indian furniture into surfaces for cultivating flowers and plants with hydroponic – are really inspiring. What can be the relationship between the memory of the past and the human interaction with the living natural environment?


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