Day 16 – Ground Reality

And our house took land into the site…

day16_0day16bday16cDCIM109GOPROG0409510.It has been so nice beginning the day visiting the Golconde, a Guest House owned by Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. It is the India’s first reinforced-concrete building!!!. The Golconde was designed by the architects George Nakashima and Antonin Raymond and was constructed by the members of the Ashram in 1942 under the direct supervision of The Mother. It is so surprising the unity of space, structure and material. The slats are amazing… Extremely modern for the period.

Today we have been working in parallel: one team on the building site defining the position of the basement in the ground; other team casting the beams and channels and organizing the transportation; one third team finishing the model in Ricardo’s carpenter workshop.

All must be ready for tomorrow!!!


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