Day 17 – From Auroville to NASA

Life without Humour is an absence of humility which traps all those who think that in order to be ‘canvasser’ of spiritually it is necessary to be serious – Roger Anger’s diary, late 1970s.



It’s been a hard day’s night…and I’ve been working like a dog…

Yes…this morning we were in Auroville talking about new cities, new projects and the concept of “essence” and “beauty” in the Town Hall of Auroville…with the words of Roger still in our minds we have arrived to MIDAS Campus, a new ambitious western style University Area…The contrast has been amazing…

Anyway, the pieces have travelled in the track reaching the place at nine and the basement is done. It was so late when we finished but the good thing is that now all is ready for drilling the stiffeners and proceed with the erection.


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