W2016 – Day 1 – Landing in Auroville


Again in Auroville working inside the full fill prototype!!!

Pablo1Akshid (2)Maria1-2

Students has just come from Spain landing in the ground reality very fast.

Inside the prototype we built last year in Chennai and then rebuilt in Auroville we have already started to understand the possibilities of ferrocement and the way of producing it.

“Today was our first day on site in Auroville and the first (second and maybe third) of many challenges to come. While we cannot match the masons for their skills, we have found an equally important role in insuring the ideas we have are realised. We are learning to work with the possibilities of ferrrocement and the mistakes we have made and will make will only better teach us how this material is formed and how it functions.” (Claire Bazeley, Student)

This year we are going to build in ferrocement a 1:1 toilet prototype assuming that its a fundamental part to implement in the housing system “full fill homes” developed the last year.

“While many areas of habitat design have seen regular design advances over time, the design of the toilet seems to be one of the areas lagging behind. Apart from the ‘loo taboo’ that could be associated with this neglect, the toilet, though a spatially small area of habitat design, it could be considered to be one of the most complex ones.” (Anupama Kundoo, Director of the Workshop)


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