W2016 – Day 4 – Testing Ferrocement

Flexional, torsional and impact forces

Day 4_03_Affordable Habitat_Anupama Kundoo_UCJC Winter Workshop 2016_Akshid RajendranDay 4_02_Affordable Habitat_Anupama Kundoo_UCJC Winter Workshop 2016_Akshid RajendranThe morning has started with the visit of Luis Feduchi, dean of the UCJC architecture school, and his team. We have done different mechanical tests in a finished ferrocement piece of the toilet prototype to understand its behaviour.

The test has consisted of subjecting the piece to flexional, torsional and impact forces. The impact test has been one with particular interest to discover how the ferrocement acts in terms of security.

The piece we have tested today has three layers of chicken net and a perimetral steel reinforcement and has satisfactorily responded the aimed results, which we can summarise in:


1.High flexibility of the model because the charge is always homogeneously distributed in the hole surface.

2.The impact is absorbed in the center of the piece avoiding the extension of the fracture.

3.Good quotes of security even suffering extending damage.

4.Shedding material into small pieces, with little or no risk.

5.Ferrocement is similar in its behaviour to laminated glass; in the form of fracturing; in its flexibility; and in the fact that the midpoint is even stronger than the perimeter.

Day 4_01_Affordable Habitat_Anupama Kundoo_UCJC Winter Workshop 2016_Akshid RajendranThe day has ended with the setting-out and execution of the soil piece, which has sparked an intense debate about the transmission of its weight to the ground.

The cover of the toilet prototype has just been completed and now is ready to be cured.


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