W2016 – Day 7 – Sunday Sunset

Visiting the amazing temples of Mahabalipuram!!!

day 7_02_affordable habitat_anupama kundoo_ucjc winter workshop 2016_pablo vazquez

day 7_03_affordable habitat_anupama kundoo_ucjc winter workshop 2016_pablo vazqueday 7_01_affordable habitat_anupama kundoo_ucjc winter workshop 2016_akshid rajendran

“After working hard all of this week to get each piece refined and cast, we took Sunday off to see the magnificent temples of Mahabalipuram. Comparing them to our own ferrocement experiments, we learnt that these temples are entirely formed out of the existing materials in the area. The temples are monolithic yet finely carved and crafted. It was a fantastic experience to see these temples in all of their glory and stay until the sun set on the horizon.” (Claire Bazeley, Student)

Meanwhile, back on site our hardworking masons continue to realise our prototype. They used the now complete roof module to cast the sink, and remade the two doors as finer pieces. By using only chicken wire, it is possible to reduce the thickness of a ferrocement piece from 2.5 to as little as 1.25 cm as the concrete does not need to cover the thicker reinforcing bars.

We now have only the last wall piece to plaster before the assembly can begin.


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