W2016 – Day 10 – Assembling

The toilet prototype is almost finished…:)

day 10_01_affordable habitat_anupama kundoo_ucjc winter workshop 2016_luis alonso

day 10_02_affordable habitat_anupama kundoo_ucjc winter workshop 2016_akshid rajendranday 10_03_affordable habitat_anupama kundoo_ucjc winter workshop 2016_akshid rajendran

Today was the day we were all anticipating. The day of the assembly. In the morning, when we arrived at the work site, we found a small pick-up van waiting for us. The workers began loading the first two walls onto the truck only to find that a crack had developed on one of the walls while lifting. The walls were really not designed to be carried in a horizontal orientation. However, slowly in three trips, we got all the pieces without excessive damage to the site of assembly.

At Sonali’s yard, one group continued to work on the Fullfill Homes’ windows while the other helped with the assembly. Once the walls came up, we realised that holding them together was going to be challenging. Currently, they are held together by a temporary bent bar of steel, but the falling apart of the walls was one problem we hadn’t truly visualised. So tomorrow, before the roof goes up, and before the paint goes on, we will need to find a solution to ensure complete stability of the structure.


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