W2015 – Day 18 – Stiffeners and Erection

In India there is a special tradition about the act of posing the first stone: it’s called Vastu Poojan, and it needs to be celebrated. You need to choose the right stone because when the Vastu is good, there will be no problem in the construction…-  Sekar Sokkalingam, Contractor

ALLPIECESday18bvasthuday18cday18dday18fday18hIntense day drilling all the stiffeners. It was dark night when the erection started.  One important lesson for us is that from the beginning the model has really helped us to communicate the project to the workers. One unforgettable revelation undestanding the meaning of the firts stone.

At this point is so important follow the indications from V. Rangarao (who whatsapp us every minute asking for the status of the erection)

  1. Stiffeners shall be fixed before shifting. Holes for connecting two elements shall be done before shifting.
  2. Employ crane for lifting.
  3. Workers shall stand on robust platforms.
  4. Try out with gypsum before shifting as it sets fast and does not give much time to adjust.
  5. Hold the assembled elements laterally.
  6. Connect elements by at least one bolt of 12mm dua with thick washers at top and bottom.
  7. In addition, use clips as suggested to hold pieces together.
  8. Please workout sequence and share with me.

As you can see…the night has been long and “it’s been a hard day`s night” again…it is amazing the energy of the workers and our high level of adrenaline feeling how the project become real.


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